Hanging basket decision ‘bureaucracy gone mad’

Caistor old fire station EMN-150517-153110001
Caistor old fire station EMN-150517-153110001

A councillor has accused his own council of “bureaucracy gone mad” over a decision to delay putting up hanging baskets.

At a meeting of Caistor Town Council on Thursday, Caistor in Bloom asked for permission to put up hanging baskets on the town’s Old Fire Station.

Councillors agreed they all wanted the baskets to be put up but that there was an issue over health and safety.

Town clerk Helen Pitman explained there had been concerns about the structure of the front of the building and the council would first need a report from an expert before permission could be 

Coun Mike Galligan, who is also a member of Caistor in Bloom, said: “This is bureaucracy gone mad.

“I would never do anything that would risk health and safety.”

But Coun Alan Somerscales said: “We need to be sure.

“There are a lot of children who walk around there.”

Britain in Bloom judges will be in Caistor on Monday, August 3.