Hall plans at Glentham

Planning applications
Planning applications
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Plans have been submitted to West Lindsey District Council for the village hall to have a new store room and meeting room as part of an ongoing project of improvement and refurbishment.

“The current hall is a single large room with a couple of small store rooms and a open kitchen. It currently has an asbestos roof. Most of the hall equipment is stored either in the vestibule or in wooden sheds outside,” said Neil Simpson, of the Glentham Village Hall Committee.

“The project will replace the roof with a corrugated metal roof with enhanced insulation. The extension will provide extra internal storage space and a separate meeting room.

“The new meeting room will allow small groups to meet, without having to use the main hall.

“There are a number of special interest groups within, or close to Glentham that will benefit from the increased space. The hall needs to generate an income to maintain and improve the facilities and the ability to increase this income through increased hirings will ease the financial burden,” he said.

The work will be funded partly by income already received and local Government grants.

The total cost has not been finalised, but some part of the scheme can be adapted or postponed if funds are insufficient.

“We hope to start works as soon as the grant moneys are confirmed,” Neil added.