Gym owner hits out over rubbish ‘dump’ rubbish

Some of the rubbish EMN-150211-104414001
Some of the rubbish EMN-150211-104414001

A Market Rasen business owner says rubbish being continually dumped next to his premises is affecting trade.

Jamie Will has owned The Gym in the Dear Street Business Park for four years and says people are being put off by having to walk past rubbish before reaching his door.

“It looks awful and sometimes the smell is really bad too,” he said.

“My landlord does everything he can to look after our area, but we are being let down by neighbouring residents.

“I have even seen them just open their window and chuck bags down.

“At the minute we have an old fridge, household waste and even a mattress lying there, as well as rubbish building up again in the cut through.

“I’ve tried contacting various people but nobody seems to want to take responsibility for it.”

It is not the first time Mr Will has called for action to be taken.

In September 2014, he revealed he had the same concerns over the build up of rubbish - and the damaging effect it was having on trade.

He contacted the The Rasen Mail at the time and said the situationd id improve - but only on a short-term basis.

Mr Will added: “When the article appeared in the paper last year, it (the rubbish) was cleared up, but it doesn’t last long before it all begins again.

“It probably sounds petty to some people but it is something that needs to be sorted.”

Mr Will said people were put off coming the gym by the rubbish while the problem was making it difficult to attract new members.

He explained: “When I ask people why they don’t join after an initial session or why they stop coming after a while, they generally say it is because they don’t want to walk past all the rubbish or down a flooded walkway.

“Sometimes the rubbish is so bad it smells like stagnant cats inside the gym as well as out - who wants that?

“I pay business rates and council tax, so something should be done to help my business.”

After being contacted by The Rasen Mail, West Lindsey District Council said they would investigate and reiterated what they had said previously.

“We cannot physically go and remove the rubbish, but we can look to see who owns the land and speak to them,” said a district council spokesman.

“We can also use enforcement if required.”

Speaking at Caistor Town Council’s monthly meeting in October West Lindsey District councillor Owen Bierley warned there had been a spate of mattresses being fly-tipped around the area.

He told the meeting: ““Regrettably there’s been a spate of mattresses being fly-tipped around the area.

“It’s important that they are reported before they get wet.”

Fly-tipping can be reported to West Lindsey District Council by calling 01427 676676.