groundbreaking Brain Surgery puts ron back on course

Ron Jones
Ron Jones

A PENSIONER from Market Rasen became one of the first people in the country to undergo groundbreaking brain surgery when he had an egg-sized tumour removed through his nose.

Before the operation retired agricultural salesman Ron Jones, 83, could not read, write or walk up the stairs and had virtually given up hope of ever playing golf again. His growth was so large it was pressing on the nerves around the eyes, affecting his vision.

But keen golfer Ron was sent to Sheffield’s Hallamshire Hospital where pioneering brain surgeons used a US-developed technique to reach the tumour at the base of his skull by working through one nostril – surgeons would usually have to cut open patients’ skulls in a lengthy operation leaving them at risk of infection.

The new technique meant Ron, who lives at Rase Lane with wife Sylvia, made an almost instant recovery – his previously blurred vision was gone, he had no external scars and he had the strength to play 18-holes on the golf course.

Ron, who this week won a seniors competition at Market Rasen Golf Club, said: “The operation amazed me, it really was absolutely marvellous, like magic. I have all the praise in the world for my surgeon Saurabh Sinha, the hospital and the NHS.

“Before the surgery I was miserable because I had severe headaches all the time, double vision and no strength at all. I resigned from the golf club after being a member for 46-years and thought I would never play again.

“After the operation I was shocked when I could read the paper even though I had been seeing double a couple of hours earlier.”

And within months I felt well enough to play golf again so had to renew my membership.”

Ron’s life is now almost back to normal – he said he struggles with his memory and forgets a lot of things, but he thinks this might just be down to his age.

He said: “I haven’t felt this well for five-years. I’m enjoying life so much at the moment, I want to live for another 20-years.”

Neurosurgeon Saurabh Sinha said: “Ron is such a star - everything about him. He had major brain surgery and all he wanted to do was go home and play golf. The method we used means it’s less painful for the patient and surgeons get a clearer view of the tumour to get it out. But it wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t get funding from Neurocare charity.”