Gritters were ‘overwhelmed’

A snow plough clears the way. (Photo supplied)
A snow plough clears the way. (Photo supplied)

AS TEMPERATURES plummeted to sub-zero and snow fell heavily across the Wolds Lincolnshire County Council’s gritting and ploughing teams were out at all hours trying to make the roads passable.

The county’s full fleet of vehicles relentlessly salted and ploughed more than 3,000km of priority routes and secondary routes last week, carrying out back-to-back journeys across Lincolnshire.

Paul Coathup, assistant director for highways and traffic, said: “We thank everyone for their patience and understanding. We are making a difference out there, combined with help from colleagues at Fire & Rescue, district councils, Lindum and other local contractors and farmers.

“However, despite this, it is simply impossible to keep fully on top of conditions and avoid considerable problems for motorists. On Tuesday night in particular, we were overwhelmed by conditions. Having treated the roads prior to rush-hour, heavy snow then fell on top of that salt, making it practically inefficient, with rush-hour traffic then compacting the snow onto the frozen road surface.

“As well as issues with gritters reaching problem-areas, salt doesn’t work by itself – it requires the action of flowing traffic to mix it with the snow to form a brine. It also becomes ineffective as temperatures near minus eight.

“I would like to assure the public that we are doing all we possibly can. ”