Go down to the woods... and enjoy an arty exhibition

CONTEMPORARY artists are due to arrive at ancient woodland near Wragby this month for a collaborative exhibition.

A weekend of forest walks, picnics, fairytales and live film sets will be at Chambers Farm Wood on August 6 and 7, from 11am-3pm.

This is part of the Charter of the Forest exhibition – designed to raise awareness of a medieval legal document located at Lincoln Castle with the Magna Carta.

The Charter of the Forest was a complementary charter to the Magna Carta, issued in 1217 by King Henry III.

Sometimes referred to as the Charter of the Common Man, it was the first document to give land access and ownership rights to people outside of nobility and clergy.

Lincoln Castle is the only site which holds a copy of both the Charter of the Forest and the Magna Carta.

This weekend of art also aims to get people outdoors enjoying the forest.

The Charter of the Forest is a collaboration between Chambers Farm Wood, The Collection and the Usher Art Gallery.

For further information on the weekend in the woods visit www.lincolnartprogramme.co.uk .