Further investment in superfast broadband

LINCOLNSHIRE County Council has said £10 million has been committed towards plans for 90 per cent of properties in the county to have superfast broadband speeds by 2015.

This was in response to claims last week from the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) that the countryside is being ignored by telecommunications companies prioritising urban areas.

LCC said their target is to have 90 per cent of at least 24 Mb/second by 2015, with the rest guaranteed to get at least two Mb/second.

But the CLA has called on the Government to ensure that every rural business and household can have access to a broadband connection of at least five Mbps.

Coun Kelly Smith, executive member for finance and HR, said district councils could contribute up to £4 million towards the project.

He said: “This is exactly the sort of situation we’re working to remedy.

“Over the next five years, we’ll be rolling out superfast broadband technology across the county.

“Around £57 million of private and public sector money will be invested in this, ensuring our rural communities aren’t left behind as we enter the digital age.

“This will prove to commercial suppliers that there’s demand for next-generation broadband in these rural areas. It will also help us identify the county’s broadband ‘not spots’.”

“We should see some of the improvements starting to take effect from as early as 2013.”

Residents can help by registering at http://www.onlincolnshire.org/