Fundraising for church tower

TOWER FUND COFFEE MORNING – Visitors to the walled garden to view the village’s snowdrops have helped to raise £354 for the St Mary’s Church Tower Fund.

Thanks go to David and Jenny Eckford, who generously opened up their home and garden for the morning, and to everyone who went along to give their support.

Members and friends of St Mary’s Church committee were on duty serving coffee or supervising the bring and buy stall and the raffle when prize winners included Sally Bourn, Mrs Elliott, Alice Hodgson, Mike Fricke, Joan Wilson, Judy Lakin, Audrey Broughton, Sylvia Mowbray, Arthur Wilson, Jenny St John, James Broughton, Kate Wright and Nina Jew.

WI – The icy weather conditions deterred many members from attending the February meeting of East Barkwith WI as most have to drive and were reluctant to risk venturing out on the local untreated roads.

The speaker also cancelled due to the difficult driving conditions and the small group of members who did manage to get to the hall enjoyed an informal and relaxed social evening.

They were welcomed by the president Yvonne Bryson, who added a warmer touch to the cold winter’s evening by suggesting they think of ideas for the August ‘holiday month’, when business is abandoned and they socialise in what it is hoped will be summer sunshine.

Nominations were also needed for members willing to serve on the committee in preparation for the annual meeting and provisional arrangements were made for the five members who are travelling to the county executive meeting at the Embassy Centre Skegness.

The topic for the evening was make-up for black and white television and the competition for a black and white photo of members in their younger days

Jean Best was the winner.