Funding granted to keep Citizens Advice running in Lincolnshire

Citizens Advice
Citizens Advice

Lincolnshire County Council’s executive has agreed to continue providing funding to Citizens Advice in Lincolnshire of more than £600,000 for the next financial year.

Over the last two financial years, the council has provided funding of £684,594 per annum, with the current agreement expiring in March 2017.

The executive has agreed to continue supporting Citizens Advice with a 10 per cent reduction to funding for the next financial year, to reflect the increased financial challenges the council is facing itself.

Executive councillor for community engagement Councillor Sue Woolley said: “In these difficult times, we need to review all the grants we issue and how effective they are on a regular basis. But whilst we are facing difficult financial times, we also recognise that residents in the county also face their own challenges.

“Having free support in place for when people are going through difficulties – be those financial, legal, housing or family problems – is a valuable asset in our county.

“I’m pleased we can continue to provide funding to Citizens Advice in Lincolnshire. County councillors who scrutinised the plans are also keen for the service to engage with them in order to discuss local issues and promote wider engagement with local communities.”