Friends circle around in chapel celebrations

A CIRCLE of friendship will be the highlight of the year-long centenary celebrations for Middle Rasen’s Methodist Chapel.

At the end of the morning service on Sunday, July 10, members and friends will surround the building and join hands in celebration.

Everyone from the village, or with any connection to the chapel, now or in the past, is invited to join them to create a human chain.

A blessing will be given for the chapel itself and for all the work that goes on there, not just on Sundays, but throughout the week.

Then, everyone will turn round to face the wider community for a blessing on everything that supports life in the village.

“We do hope that there will be a really good turn-out for this,” said Colin Hare.

“Our morning service begins at 10.45am and the blessing ceremony will be about an hour later.

“Come to both if possible, but don’t hesitate to arrive at 11.45am to just take part in the blessings of life in our wonderful community.”