French life is just a house swap away

The Higgins family: Trevor, Allison, Emily and Oliver
The Higgins family: Trevor, Allison, Emily and Oliver

WHEN the Higgins family decided they wanted to leave their life in the north of France and make a fresh start in the UK they trawled the internet searching for the best towns and villages this country has to offer.

After ruling out hundreds of possible places to live Allison, Trevor and their 13-year-old twins Oliver and Emily settled on Market Rasen as their ideal place to live and are now looking to swap their French home for one in our town.

Speaking to the Rasen Mail from her home in Brittany, Allison, 46, said the town has everything they are looking for.

Allison, who is originally from the North East and does not have any links to this area, said: “We’ve done a lot of research online, but have only visited Market Rasen once.

“We just got a great feeling about the town and knew we wanted to live here. It’s very green and rural, similar to our area of Brittany.”

Retired police officers Allison and Trevor were impressed by De Aston School, the town’s low crime figures and affordable house prices.

Allison said: “We wanted a small town or village in a rural area so it’s not too much of a lifestyle change for the children.”

Retired police officers Allison and Trevor moved to France nine years ago to experience a different lifestyle and give their children the chance to become fluent in a second language.

Allison said the family will be sad to leave France, but are excited about coming to Market Rasen early next year.

She said: “The main reason we’re moving is for the children, they’re beginning to miss our family in England and Oliver is starting to think about his career – he wants to join the Royal Navy and of course to do that he has to have lived in the UK for a certain length of time.

“We built our house in France ourselves five years ago. It has five bedrooms and panoramic views of a valley so it will be really sad to leave.”

De Aston School headteacher Ellenor Beighton said: “With our boarding house, we are used to having lots of international students who choose to come to De Aston from places as far flung as Hong Kong and Macau to be with us.

“There is something very special about a whole family choosing to move to the area to come to our school.

“As with all new families, we will be delighted to receive and work with them. We hope that the wider community can also embrace this wonderful opportunity.”

If you would like to swap with the Higgins in France and help them on their way to Market Rasen contact Allison at