Frederick Henry White (Freddie)

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The funeral service for Frederick Henry White (Freddie) of North Kelsey was held at the Methodist Chapel.

The Rev Andrew Lomax officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Myrah White (wife); Andrew White and Danielle Evans (son and daughter-in-law); Darren and Carol White (son and daughter-in-law); Wesley White (grandson); Madge Langley (sister); Ruby White (sister-in-law, rep family); Don Grundy (brother-in-law); Robin Grundy (brother-in-law); Colin and Pat Grundy (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Sharon Grundy, Jenny Clark, Lisa Grundy (nieces); Mr and Mrs A Butler (niece and husband); Pete Surfleet (nephew); Mr and Mrs R Middleton (nephew and wife, rep Frances); George and Arthur Gissing (great nephews); grandsons Liam and Alex were unable to attend.

Friends at the service were: Ken and Margaret Knapton; Mrs C Balderson; Mrs B Cross; Pauline Woodforth (also rep Jean Richards); John Mann; Mr R Dawson; Andrea Bradley; Margaret Hornsby; Martin Chapman (also rep Judy Chapman, Lyn Haltoft); H Spolton; Sandra Borrill (also rep the family); Joyce Clayton (also rep Michael Clayton); Stuart Neave (also rep Linda Neave); David and Jean Brunsdon; Valery Darker (also rep Bernard); Maria Joyce (also rep the family); Ralph and Jennifer Gissing; Sandy Darker (also rep Mr R Darker); Richard and Donna Wilkinson; Pat and Ray Robinson; Roland East; Mrs Latham (also rep Paul Latham); Mr L Clark; Mr and Mrs R Howsham (also rep the family); Mrs J MacKenzie; Mr J Dawson (also rep Mrs J Dawson); Mrs T Webb; Mr S Speed; Mrs R White (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs G White; Mrs J Clarke; Mr D Horstwood; Miss E Horstwood; Mrs A Dixon; Mr A Smith; Mr and Mrs R Clarke; Mrs A Birch; Mr T Robinson; Mr D Morwood (also rep R Whitaker); Mr M Burton; Mrs A Jones; Mrs V Hambleton; Mr C Fern; Mr and Mrs F Thompson; Barry Gissing; Mr and Mrs B Martin; Debbie Martin; Sally Colebrooke; Mr and Mrs R Horstwood; Mrs I Thompson.