Frank Spalding

The funeral service for Frank Spalding, aged 86 years of Faldingworth, was held at the Methodist Church.

The Rev Marty Presdee officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Frank was born in Faldingworth and spent his working life as a farm worker, garage worker and security officer.

He was also involved with numerous organisations in the village.

Family mourners were: Nellie (wife); John (son, unable to attend) and Lisa (daughter-in-law); Richard and Kate (son and daughter-in-law); Emma, Verity, Hope, Ed, Dan (grandchildren) and Owen (grandson, unable to attend); Jim Spalding (brother); Brian Ward, George Ward (brothers-in-law); Steven Spalding, Bernard and Janet Ranshaw, Simon Ranshaw and wife, David Ranshaw, Pauline and Jim Warden, Susan Burke, Helen Ward, Paul Ward (nephews and nieces).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs W Johnson (also rep B and J Marshall); Mrs P Inman (also rep Pete and family); Mrs J Neave; Mr and Mrs C Boardman; Mr N Smith; Mr R Kitchen (also rep J Sutton, Mr and Mrs I Hardcastle); Mrs L Cash (also rep Friendship Club); Mrs M Quincy; Mr and Mrs J Daubney; Mr and Mrs Wiltowski and Bernie; Mr and Mrs J Carter (also rep Charles and Sally); Mr G and Mrs J Coy; Mr E Nunns; Mr and Mrs P Carter (also rep Richard and Rachel); Mrs G Ottewell; Mrs J Ottewell; Mrs V Haris (also rep Tom); Mrs M L Dickinson; Miss J Dickinson (also rep Marie and Jamie); Mrs W Wright; Mrs Ottewell; Mrs R Allen-Williams; Mr P Thornalley (also rep Mr and Mrs R Blaikie); Mrs S Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs B Carter; Mr and Mrs R Westman; Mr and Mrs P Westman; Mr D Ottewell; Mr D Overy; Mr and Mrs D Dickinson; Mr A Price; Mrs D Ram; B Sellers; Mr and Mrs Willerton; Mr and Mrs D Cram (also rep Mr B and Mrs J Cook); Mr P C Smith (also rep Mrs G B Smith); Mr and Mrs R Pearce; Mr K Langley; Mr Tilney-Bassett (also rep Mrs Tilney-Bassett); Mrs Robinson; Mr Parker; Mr and Mrs A Ottewell, Ashley, Beth and Katie; Mr and Mrs M J Brook; Mr A Clack; Mr and Mrs Cartwright; Mr and Mrs P and C Raynor; Mr K Atherton; Mr D Robinson; Mr R New (also rep Mr Alan Carter); Mr D Flintham (also rep Mrs Y Flintham, Mr D Corden); Bob Bailey; Barbara Pears (also rep the family); Barbara Longdon (also rep David Longdon); Mr and Mrs C Waite; John Moore; Chris Moore; Tom Moore; Jonathan Kitching; Mr and Mrs Kitching; Edward Backus (also rep Ian Mair); Mr and Mrs M Rollinson (also rep Mr D Rollinson); Tom Westman; Stephanie Westman; Miss Westman; Stuart Johnson; Betty Blower; Mr and Mrs Halsworth; Della Halsworth; Diana Booth; Brenda Wright; Pauline Wilson; John and Jennie Northing; Phillip and Claire Pepper; Bob Carter; Mr and Mrs D Hall; Mrs Butler; Mrs R Brumpton; Mr and Mrs Bartlett; Silvia Hall (also rep Friendship Club); Vera Hankins (also rep Wilf); Mrs A Surfleet (also rep Mr and Mrs P Burrows); Ms A Lillywhite (also rep Mr and Mrs L Oxborrow; Mr and Mrs C Hare, Mrs M Thwaites); Mrs P Shanley; David Islip (also rep Arthur and Margaret King); Mr and Mrs R Westman; Mr J Green.