Footfall boost for Market Rasen thanks to town centre events

Businesses in Queen Street (pictured) experienced a boost in footfall thanks to town council-run events.
Businesses in Queen Street (pictured) experienced a boost in footfall thanks to town council-run events.

West Lindsey District Council has revealed that events organised by Market Rasen Town Council had ‘a positive impact’ on visitor numbers 
to the town centre.

The nationwide SmartStreetSensor Project was adopted in 2017 and uses cutting-edge technology which tracks wi-fi enabled devices, such as smart phones, and registers them as people.

Sensor devices placed outside Garnett’s Sweet Shop and The Advocate Arms monitor 
footfall in the town.

Latest figures show that footfall increased on event days in Rasen, with footfall increases of up to 50 per cent.

Nicola Marshall, business associate at Market Rasen Town Council, said: “The footfall sensor project is now in the second half of its first year and is proving valuable to the 
town council.

“Thanks to the objective and quantifiable data collected by the two sensors on the High Street we can show that events and activities we organise do have a positive impact on visitor numbers to the town.

“For example, on Saturday, November 11, 2017, we ran a successful First World War live history day and exhibition at the Old Police Station.

“This day shows a clear increase in the footfall in the town from a normal Saturday – footfall was 40 per cent higher than the previous Saturday.

“Equally, the Christmas Market event held on November 25 shows an increase (almost 50 per cent) on the footfall of the previous Saturday.”

Market Rasen Town councillors discussed the project and its findings at the full council meeting held 
earlier this month.

Speaking at the meeting, Coun Stephen Bunney said that the district council has offered Rasen the chance to have a third sensor - as the neighbouring town of Caistor is only using one of the two available as part of the project.

He said: “To get the third sensor, so that we get a bit more data around the town, will cost.

“I think there is two years left of the deal, and it could 
cost £500 to clear the year.

“I think it will be useful data, but think a lot depends on how we progress with our strategy documents before 
we pay out.”

The SmartStreetSensor Project falls in line with the Three Year Strategy for Rasen.

Ms Marshall said: “The project is part of the council’s work to engage with, and support, local shops and businesses in the future development of Market Rasen’s high street economy.”