Fishing lake and holiday let plans in Caistor

Applicant Lee Pettit's site plan
Applicant Lee Pettit's site plan

A Caistor carp farm wants to create two new fishing lakes and holiday accommodation - but concerns have been raised over the ‘substantial excavation’ needed at the site.

Applicant and landowner Lee Pettit of Westmoor Farm, North Kelsey Road, has applied to West Lindsey District Council for permission to dig two new fishing lakes, partly with disabled access, and associated accommodation as a holiday let / public recreational 

The 20,000 square metre site is currently grassland, and within an area at risk of flooding based on the Environment Agency’s flood zones map.

Responding to Mr Pettit’s planning application, Lincolnshire County Council senior planning policy officer for minerals and waste, Mike Daley, said: “It is noted from the details submitted with the application that the development will require the excavation of a substantial area mineral to construct the lakes.

“An area that is on a par with the adjacent quarry excavations and potentially containing in excess of 100,000m2 of 

“There is no indication that the excavated mineral is to be retained on site for use within the development and considering the volume that would be created it is unlikely that retention within the application area would be possible or 

“In light of this and unless information to the contrary can be provided, I would conclude that the substantive part of this development is mineral extraction and therefore the application
 should be treated as a county matter.”

And Resident Sandra Alderson, who lives in North Kelsey Road, is concerned about children gaining access to the proposed 

She said: “With the proposal for such a large body of water, I would request that secure boundary fencing and access are put in place to ensure no access for children living adjacent to the proposed 

Westmoor Farm Fisheries says it is a “carp haven set in stunning surroundings in Caistor”.

It says: “We have two lakes; ‘The Specimen’ carp lake with a good head of large fish and the ‘Sandpit’ lake which has a large stock of carp making it a fantastic runs 

“We pride ourselves on our scaly carp.”