Fight to improve walk to school


WHAT should have been a simple walk to school turned into a nightmare for one Caistor mum.

Mum-of-three Lesley Mosley decided to ditch her car and do the school-run on foot for National Walk to School Week.

But Mrs Mosley’s short walk from her Keyworth Drive home to Caistor Primary School with nine-year-old Joe and three-year-old Dan, was filled with hazards.

She said: “It was not a pleasant experience, from lorries zooming down the North Kelsey road well above the speed limit, to rows of coaches at the grammar school blocking any chance of a good view.

“Even though we have four schools in the town there is not one pedestrian crossing in Caistor, nor one school crossing patrol. How can that be?

“Many drivers did not seem to care, and drove above the 30mph limit. I certainly don’t feel confident in letting my ten-year-old walk to school alone, building up the independence he actually needs to learn.”

Mrs Mosley said she is amazed the speed limit is 60mph on the stretch of the A46 from Whitegate Hill down to the primary school.

She said: “I believe as a community we need to stand up and fight for a right to walk safely around Caistor. We need pedestrian crossings, digital speed indicators, police presence and school crossing patrols.

“Reducing traffic speeds on our streets is the single biggest measure that will make them safe, vibrant and social places.”

Mrs Mosley is encouraging everyone to sign up to an online initiative which campaigns for 20mph speed limits. Visit