Fenlands inspiration fantasy for Waddingham student

Hannah Spiking EMN-140620-154533001
Hannah Spiking EMN-140620-154533001

The Lincolnshire fens have provided inspiration for a unique card game set in a fantasy world.

Hannah Spikings, a 21-year-old student from Waddingham, has spent over 1,000 hours creating the game for a university project which includes 54 individual cards that she has designed and drawn herself.

Lore of the Land is set in a fantasy world where three different lands are at war. Players have to pit the characters against each other in order to join the cards together to create more powerful beings. Characters include elves, giant eagles and fire breathing dragons.

The final year games design student from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston says she had to work really hard designning the cards as well as creating a whole new world for the characters to exist in.

“I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from my hometown and one character in particular, the Fen Keeper, reminds me of my grandparents as they were farmers.

“It’s been a very personal project and I feel like I’ve turned the Lincolnshire fens into a magical world through this game.”

Hannah has also strived to make her game as professional as possible. She’s also designed the packaging and even had 30 boxes of the game printed and wrapped in America.

The games designer, who went to school near Hull before moving to Waddingham, says her passion lies in concept art where the artist brings an idea to life using visuals.

“I played a lot of video games in my youth but designing a card game is a new genre for me. I’m always keen to push my creative boundaries and see where that takes me.”

Hannah’s work is on display in Preston as part of the UCLan Degree Show until Saturday June 21. For more information visit www.uclan.ac.uk/cf or follow the event’s progress via Facebook at facebook.com/UCLanCF and on Twitter @UCLanCF and via #DS14