FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Mixing exercise to get best results

Feel The Difference
Feel The Difference

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Squats Challenges over the last three weeks. The inclusion of additional high intensity exercises over the last two weeks gave you the opportunity to increase your work rate significantly.

You could have done the challenges as they were written or mixed them up a bit. Both ways are fine; After all, it was set in such a way that it should be viewed as a personal challenge each week.

Many of you may not have managed the 1,000 squats in a week let alone any additional exercises. I set myself a challenge of beating the challenge each week by 400 squats but I think that the staff at the Jubilee Park in Woodhall Spa may even have beaten that!

I managed to achieve my target for the first two weeks but time constraints have hindered me for the final challenge so far. However, I still have time to catch up so I shall keep pushing myself.

Hopefully you have learned that you can take a challenge and adapt it to suite your own abilities. I have had regular tweets and messages on Facebook from many people around the country who have taken up the challenges.

One lady has just started Squats Challenge 1 having realised how useful it will be for her skiing holiday in February. Not only has she taken up the challenge but she has now challenged her friends too.

Rather than setting challenges each week I have decided to give you some variations for the current challenges to help you to adapt them. For the squats you can try adding resistance by holding weights. Increasing the resistance is fine but I suggest you reduce the number of squats to make it achievable.

Instead of performing squats every day try doing them three times a week but include the burpees and power jumps during the ‘rest’ days. For the burpees you could try two squat thrusts and 1 burpee to turn it into a multi action exercise.

Mixing and matching is good as the variation will help to stop boredom and repetitive strain injuries.

Try including this abdominal exercise:

Lying flat on your back with your legs straight, ankles and knees together and fingers behind your ears, brace your abdominals glutes and back. You should now have a rigid body with a small (natural) hollow in your lower back.

Try lifting your head and shoulders a few centimetres from the ground while keeping the rest of your body rigid. There must be no movement from the legs or hips and your lower back should maintain the natural hollow.

Feel how the abdominal brace intensifies. If you haven’t done this form of abdominal crunch before you may find it particularly hard and you might become fatigued surprisingly quickly. There are some pictures on my Mandarin Leisure Facebook page showing this exercise in action. Don’t forget that you should be able to breathe easily throughout the brace. I suggest you try breathing out as you lift your shoulders and in as you lower again.

In the run up to Christmas it may sound unseasonal but I’ve noticed that Market Rasen Town Cricket Club hope to join the Lincolnshire ECB Premier League next year and are recruiting players now. Email Catherine Fussey at HYPERLINK “mailto:csfussey@live.com” csfussey@live.com for more information.

I suspect they will have training sessions too so if you’re in the area and play (or would like to play) cricket please get in touch. I’m keen to hear from other clubs and teams too so if you are providing training for able bodied or disabled people please contact me.