FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: How to prevent injury

Back Pain
Back Pain
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How did you get on with the ‘Feel The Difference’ challenge from last week? Beginners – did you find a new exercise and start doing it?

Your feedback about your exercise programmes with details and information about your instructor would be appreciated. I may be able to feature it here soon.

Regular exercisers, how did you get on with your challenge? How many of 
your 1,000 squats did you manage?

If you didn’t do them all but tried hard I will be more impressed with you than if you had completed the 
challenge easily but didn’t do any more.

I did the challenge too of course. I have managed 200 each day so far (I’m writing this with a few more days to go before it goes to 
print) except on day two when I only managed 100 squats.

However, I did do them with 35kg weights on 
an Olympic bar so I suffered a bit of discomfort on day 

If you are interested, I posted a short video which you should be able to open via twitter using the hash tag #SquatsChallenge1.

It is also on my Mandarin Leisure Facebook page and can be found on YouTube if you search for Mandarin Fitness.

The video will show you the correct technique but you can vary the weight or use none at all.

You may also choose to squat half way rather than the full version. It all counts so feel free to have a look and give it another go.

Your next ‘Feel The Difference’ Challenge is here too: For beginners your challenge is to maintain that new exercise programme or if you didn’t manage to find one you should find and start one this week.

Regular Exercisers: Your challenge is to add on some Burpees to your last challenge.

You now have a week 
to complete another 
1,000 squats plus 500 burpees.

Burpees are hard work and you will experience your heart rate climbing very quickly so be careful. You can email or tweet your progress too. I really want to know how you are getting on.

Perhaps you can extend the challenge to include your work colleagues?

I shall post some examples of burpees on YouTube, twitter and Facebook which will show the various degrees of difficulty.

In order to prevent injury I suggest that you perform simple versions of the various exercises first to warm the correct muscles and prepare your body for the main activity.

Be aware of your posture throughout.

To prevent back injury I recommend that you learn how to engage your core muscles.

These muscles around your abdomen and back will help to keep you stable.

Try tensing your abdominals – don’t suck them in and don’t hold your breath though.

You will hopefully feel them tighten up and stay tight while you walk around the room.

If you can’t engage 
these muscles I suggest 
that you stay with the squats and give the burpees a miss for now. I shall post some alternatives on YouTube before this goes to print.

I would really like to feature some local clubs here so if you are a swimmer, dancer, golfer, runner, cyclist, gymnast or belong to a different club and would like to have it featured please get in touch.

Together we may be able to encourage others to be active and we may even be able to help your club to grow too.