FEATURE: Another £10 million needed to combat potholes

Pothole ANL-150329-185557009
Pothole ANL-150329-185557009

Another £10 million is needed to plug the holes in our roads.

This is the additional funding Lincolnshire County Council says it needs to keep the roads ‘in a reasonable condition’ and fix potholes.

Coun Richard Davies, the county council’s executive member for highways and transportation, said: “Potholes are inevitable through wear and tear and periods of bad weather.

“We have repaired 95,000 potholes in the last year and we prioritise repairs by fixing the most dangerous ones first.

“Occasionally we have to make compensation payments, however, the last few years show a downward trend in the number of claims.

“This is due to a combination of efficient road maintenance and relatively mild winters.

“It isn’t a surprise that Lincolnshire features fairly high in this report for two reasons.

“Firstly we have 5,500 miles of roads to maintain – one of the longest road networks in the country.

“Secondly we don’t have enough money to maintain our roads and tackle potholes – we would need an extra £10 million to keep everything in a reasonable condition.

“This makes it challenging to manage the expectation of local residents, but we will continue to lobby the Government through our MPs for the funding that Lincolnshire deserves.”