Fears parking issues will only get worse


Time-limited parking in Caistor will drive shoppers and traders away from the town, says a store owner who is struggling to sell-up.

Muriel Smith has complained to Caistor council that there is a lack of car parking in the town - and she fears the problem is only going to get worse in the summer when there will be a two-hour restriction in the Market Place.

She said: “I don’t think it’s the old Co-op keeping people away, I think it’s because they can’t park anywhere.

“With the two hour restriction where are the workers going to park? People who work in the bank, the post office.

“And it’s not long enough for someone to come and shop in Caistor, go to the hair salon or the bank, a visit to the heritage centre.”

Mrs Smith inherited her late father’s saddler and cobbler business Wracks, in South Street.

The shop is no longer open and Mrs Smith is trying to sell the property.

She said: “We can’t sell our property because there’s no parking.

“I really do feel very strongly about it.”

The town and district councils agreed to impose the restrictions in the Market Place to stop it being used as a ‘park-n’ride’.

There were concerns about people parking in the Market Place as early as 7am and then taking buses to Lincoln and Grimsby.

Lincolnshire County Council will patrol the square and issue enforcement 

The move, agreed with the county council, follows years of discussions.

Coun Steve Millson said: “We’re moving towards time limited parking in the summer.

“That should help because that’ll allow two hours and then people will have to move 
on. It’ll release some spaces.

“We are doing everything we can to improve the parking situation.

“If anyone has any land available we would be delighted to hear from them.”

The council has said there are alternatives for people wanting to park long-term, including the front of the old ACIS depot in Mill Lane, which the council leases, and the town council car park on North Kelsey Road.

Speaking at a West Lindsey District Council meeting in March, Coun Alan Caine said: “We have businesspeople leaving their own cars and then complaining there’s no trade. Thus, we have brought in the limit. It will still mean free parking so shoppers can pop in and out.”