Fears over speeding motorists

PUPILS from a top grammar school have been accused of driving at high speed down a “dangerous” narrow road.

A resident of Cromwell View in Caistor is calling for their road to be made into a one-way street because of students driving at “high speed” to Caistor Grammar School.

But Caistor councillors fear a one-way system would only make people drive even faster down the road.

The concerned resident – who has recently moved to the area – wrote a letter to Caistor Town Council, which was read out at its monthly meeting.

The Rasen Mail has since contacted Caistor Grammar School headteacher Roger Hale, but he said he was not aware of a problem.

He said: “I’ve asked our students not to drive down Cromwell View because of a complaint earlier in the year.

“We do need to be cautious before we leap to the judgment that it’s Caistor Grammar School students when someone in a car goes fast on Cromwell View at 4.15pm.

“It worries me that people can write something like this without contacting the school at all.”

Coun Jo Hodson, who lives in Cromwell View, said generally people are cautious but there are occasions when drivers are not as careful as they should be.

She said: “It tends to be the younger people who aren’t as road-wise as other people.”

Coun Hodson said hedges have not been cut so that is also limiting people’s vision.

Coun Juliet Savage said: “It’s extremely dangerous.”

And Coun Alan Caine wants the police to step up patrols in the area.

He said: “Can we ask the police to get out with their gun and frighten the life out of these kids – a speed gun that is.”