Fears mount over rail disaster in Rasen

Queen Street railway bridge EMN-150713-130541001
Queen Street railway bridge EMN-150713-130541001

Fears are growing over a catastrophic train derailment happening in Market Rasen.

Residents, including a former railway worker, have raised concerns about freight trains carrying things like chemicals passing through the town at high speeds.

It comes after an eight-wagon freight train derailed further along the line at Langworth on June 30.

The former railway worker, who did not want to be named, said: “People would be surprised and shocked if they knew some of the stuff that was being moved through Market Rasen.

“There’s chemicals and all sorts.

“That derailment could have happened anywhere - including Market Rasen. It’s lucky it’s where it was.

“Imagine if the train had come off the tracks at the rail bridge in the town centre.

“People think Rasen is just about two or three passenger trains a day. It’s not. There are a lot of freight trains.”

And the former worker said problem may get worse in the future.

He said: “The number (of trains) could go up as because there’s a lot of expansion work planned on the Humber at Immingham and this (the Rasen line) could be one of the main routes.

“It is worrying. People need to know.”

An investigation is under way to determine the cause of the Langworth derailment - and Newtwork Rail have not ruled out heat being a factor.

Speed restrictions are in place and track temperatures are being monitored.

On the Rasen Mail Facebook page Craig Perkins Smith said: “We’ve noticed the volume and weight of the trains has increased to the extent our house shakes now when the larger freight trains roll through.

“Definately worrying too with the recent events just down the line at Langworth.”

Malcolm Parker said: “I have many cracks on my house due to the shaking from the trains.

“My glass cabinet rattles about two mins before the train goes past our street. I’m on the Furlongs but not too near the line about 200yds away.”

Caroline Clark said: “Scary thought especially as there’s houses and businesses close by and I expect the loads are now heavier, the bridges I expect were not built to hold the heavy loads they do 

But a Network Rail spokesman said safety was paramount.

He said: “The safety of passengers, employees and communities is absolutely paramount to Network 

“We carry out regular inspections and maintenance of all bridges and track so that they are in the correct condition for the trains that use them.

“Trains only run at speeds which are considered safe.”

If anyone has concerns about a specific bridge or section of track they should contact the Network Rail national helpline on 03457 11 41