Fears for lives over speeding drivers

Speeding concerns on Linwood Road EMN-151019-132600001
Speeding concerns on Linwood Road EMN-151019-132600001
  • Plea issued as father says problem is ‘worse than ever’

A husband has issued a desperate plea for drivers to slow down after claiming his wife could have been killed by a speeding van driver.

Mark Richardson, who lives in Linwood Road, Market Rasen, reckons 98 per cent of drivers speed past his house and he says the situation has got “out of hand”.

The father-of-two says he has encountered many near-misses pulling out of his driveway, into the 30mph road - and says the latest incident could have killed his wife.

He said: “A van came up the road at such a speed, that I can only assume was in the excess of 60 mph, that his van was leaning to one side because of the bend.

“When he saw us on the side of the road he had to swerve to miss us.

“My wife was so upset. We could have died then.

“If that van had hit us there’s no way she would have survived that because she was on that side of the car.

“The amount of times I’ve had near misses.

“It’s diabolical.

“If a car ploughs into me while I’ve got the kids I don’t know what I would do.

“More and more frequently I have had to brake suddenly or cars have had to swerve to avoid crashing into me or my wife as we to pull out of our driveway.”

Mr Richardson says the problem is so bad he has even considered moving away from the area.

And to make matters worse Mr Richardson says he gets abuse from speeding drivers who have to swerve to miss his car.

He said: “They break and skid and look at you like you’ve done something wrong.

“I’ve even had people shout and swear at me.

“All they keep saying is ‘you’ve pulled out in front of me’ even though they’re going too fast.

“It has been a real problem for a number of years and it’s now getting out of hand as it seems to be happening more frequently.”

Mr Richardson is contacting Lincolnshire Police and says he wants more signs to remind drivers of the 30mph speed limit.

He said: “It’s there for public safety.

“What amazes me, is that some of the drivers actually live in or just out of town, so they know the road is 30mph.”

Several years ago Mr Richardson got so frustrated he took matters into his own hands.

He said: “I have even stood outside my drive with my children with 30mph and slow down signs, in order to bring it to the attention of the drivers passing our home.

“Some slow down others ignore or give certain hand signals.”

A Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman advised Mr Richardson to contact the town council and request to join the Community Speed Watch Programme.

The spokesman said every parish can get six free yellow speed notices to put on lamp posts in problem areas.

And he said it would be possible for the local policing team to monitor the area.