Farmers welcome RSPCA vote result

Jonathan Brant
Jonathan Brant

Market Rasen animal rights campaigner Peta Watson-Smith has failed in her bid to join the governing body of the RSPCA.

The militant vegan sparked fury by comparing animal husbandry practices to the holocaust. She also campaigned on a platform for the RSPCA to withdraw from the Freedom Foods assurance scheme, which promotes the welfare of animals during their rearing.

“Peta Watson-Smith did not gain enough votes and will not be on the RSPCA council,” said an RSPCA statement.

Watson-Smith’s defeat was welcomed by Normanby-le-Wold farmer Jonathan Brant who said British farmers produce meat to the highest welfare standards in the world, and such comments were “very hurtful to farmers who go to great lengths to look after their animals.”

The RSPCA will officially announce the results of its council elections on Saturday. NFU Lincolnshire declined to comment.