Family welcomes their own prince just hours before Kate

Welcoming their own 'little prince': Anna Tutty, Toby Collett, Neve and Finlley
Welcoming their own 'little prince': Anna Tutty, Toby Collett, Neve and Finlley

A Faldingworth family celebrated the arrival of their own ‘little prince’ last week - the same day as the royal baby arrived.

Anna Tutty gave birth to 
her baby boy on Monday, 
July 22, having arrived 
at hospital within minutes of the Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival at St Mary’s in London.

But, already five days early, Anna’s baby was keen to enter the world and was born before Prince George of Cambridge at 7.45am.

“We had no idea Kate had gone into labour until we heard the nurses talking about it later on,” said Anna.

“I knew we were due 
around the same time, 
but haven’t really been following things; my mum though has been practically obsessed.”

There was a further royal link for Anna and her partner Toby as their baby 
was born at The Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby - the only boy of the eight babies born at the maternity unit that day.

“It is almost as if our baby is the spiritual grandson of 
Diana,” added Toby.

Their baby is yet to be named, but Anna and Toby 
say they will definitely be applying for the specially minted coin.

The Royal Mint has produced 2,013 silver 
pennies to present to 
babies born on the same day as Prince George; the names 
of the babies receiving the 
lucky penny will be drawn after the closing date on September 20.

“We don’t have a television so haven’t seen anything of the coverage, ” said Anna.

“And to be honest, we have been in a bubble anyway, enjoying and getting to know our own little prince.

“If we did receive one of the coins, that would be a nice memento.”

“There’s one thing for 
sure,” added Toby, “we 
certainly won’t forget our baby’s birthday, not that we would of course.”

But while the Faldingworth couple spend time with their new baby, and nine-year-old Neve and six-year-old Finley get to know their new brother, they hope the royal couple will also be able to enjoy their time as a new family.

“I hope they get some privacy and people respect that privacy,” said Toby.

“There is far too much pressure on women to look their best after giving 
birth, but it is just such a precious time and needs to be enjoyed.”

And Anna understandably has great empathy with the new royal mother.

“Becoming a mother 
is a wonderful time,” she 
said, “but it can also be 
such a lonely experience, especially if you don’t know anyone else in the same situation.

“When I had my first child, I lived in Lincoln and didn’t know anyone else.

“It wasn’t until she went to school that I really got to know other parents.

“We have been very 
lucky this time round as we 
have been told of so 
many groups and 
activities open to parents and babies.”