Family stepping out in memory of Mary

Mary Scott (left) with daughters Rebecca (centre) and Sally
Mary Scott (left) with daughters Rebecca (centre) and Sally

The family of an Alzheimer’s patient who died after going missing in sub-zero conditions is taking action to stop others suffering the same awful fate.

Mary Scott, 83, went missing from her home in Market Rasen two days after Christmas last year.

Police launched a massive search operation but tragically Mary’s body was discovered 11 days later in Sixhills.

Seven months on, Mary’s family is still feeling extremely “raw” - but they are determined to do all they can to fund research into the disease and stop tragedies like this happening again.

In a touching interview with the Rasen Mail, Mary’s daughters Sally Stork and Rebecca Ross spoke about a ‘memory walk’ they are preparing to do.

And they revealed their mum was spotted multiple times before she died - but sadly nobody approached her.

Sally said: “Mum went missing in the middle of the evening. She was seen by lots of people but no-one spoke to her.

“If any member of the public sees someone who is on their own and looks vulnerable, go up to the person.

“If anyone saw her they didn’t do anything but think ‘that’s a bit strange’.

“People shouldn’t worry about causing offence to people to save someone else’s mother or father.

“The worst you’re going to get is ‘it’s none of your business’.

“The sooner people respond, the better. Every second counts.

“The distance she walked is phenomenal. We can only think it was fear.”

Rebecca added: “We know that if anyone had spoken to mum, because of her limited vocabulary they would have known straight away that she needed help.

“It’s important for other people to think if you see someone and it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.

“If you haven’t got the confidence to approach someone you can ring the police.”

Mary’s family is taking part in an Alzheimer’s Society ‘memory walk’ which starts at Market Rasen Racecourse between 9.30am to 10am on Sunday, September 8 - and they are encouraging as many people as possible to join in the fundraiser.

They will be walking to raise money for the research branch of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Sally said: “It’ll touch lots of people because lots of people have had a family member with Alzheimer’s, there might even be people on the walk with Alzheimer’s themselves.”

Sally said her mum “bore this debilitating illness with great dignity”.

“Mum was quite a charitable person herself, she tried to do her bit for charity - she’d have been up for it,” said Rebecca.

The idea of a memory walk is for walkers of all abilities to enjoy an organised event while remembering their deceased loved ones.

And there will be a ‘memory tree’ on the route for people to hang messages on.

There will be a three-mile and an eight-mile walk. You can register online at and receive a free t-shirt and sponsor form. Or turn up and register on the morning at 9.30am.