Family butchers not in a stew over sausage ‘no’

Expert Lincolnshire sausage makers Danny Ward, right, and Robert Lancaster
Expert Lincolnshire sausage makers Danny Ward, right, and Robert Lancaster

WHILE the application to give Lincolnshire sausage special protection has been turned down, Market Rasen butchers are far from downhearted.

The Lincolnshire Sausage Association applied for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which would have meant only sausages made in the county and to a set recipe could use the name.

But the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs turned down the bid last week – the correct decision according to Richard Lancaster, owner of Lancaster butchers in the town.

“We don’t want to be standardised,” said Richard, whose family has been butchers in the town since 1892.

“Every traditional butcher makes their own variation of the Lincolnshire sausage, using the same basic ingredients but different proportions.

“Even we use two different recipes.

“At the 15 Queen Street shop we use the recipe handed down from the Tasker’s butchery, while down at number 47, we use the traditional Lancaster family recipe.”

And with around 750 pounds in weight of the succulent sausages being made every week by Lancaster’s, it is clear this particular pork product is a big hit with the customers.

“Years ago, they weren’t called Lincolnshire sausage – just Tasker’s sausages or Lancaster’s sausages,” said Danny Ward, who has been a sausage maker for 34 years and is now passing on his knowledge to fifth-generation butcher Robert Lancaster.

“We need to keep this individuality and not have people think all Lincolnshire sausages are the same.”

For more information on the traditional Lancaster line see their newly-launched website at .