Expanding scheme to get traders talking

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-150427-165029001

A scheme for traders to share information and promote safety is being expanded in a bid to get more of the town’s retailers involved.

Shopwatch has been running since 2012 and co-ordinating the scheme is Rasen Hub’s Stella Tuplin.

“We have a good core of traders involved, but we would like to expand and see even more people taking part,” said Mrs Tuplin.

The scheme sees the town’s traders linked up via digital radios, which can be used for immediate help and also to warn each other about things like anti social behaviour, shoplifters and fake money.

“The majority of the town’s shops are independents, so the safety aspect of Shopwatch is very important,” added Mrs Tuplin.

“We have regular radio checks to make sure everything is ok and quarterly meetings to share ideas.

“At a recent meeting it was agreed to make a nominal membership fee of £25 to take part in the Shopwatch scheme.

“This will be used to fund the licence.”

And as previously reported in the Rasen Mail, police are keen supporters of the Shopwatch scheme and have an agreement with traders to share photos of known offenders, which gives the traders a much better idea of who they are.

To find out more and to join the scheme, contact Stella 
Tuplin at Rasen Hub; call 01673 844556.