Work together to get things done

Manjeet Gill photographed by Stewart Wall
Manjeet Gill photographed by Stewart Wall

Communities must work together to get things done, says West Lindsey District Council CEO Manjeet Gill.

Talking on “Local Government in the 21st Century,” the CEO said people living longer meant less money for other things, but if businesses were taxed more, they couldn’t compete globally.

“The solutions are far more complex than cutting taxes or budgets. Less money for local government means re-defining what local government means,” she said.

WLDC has seen a 40% cut in its budget since 2010, but it has managed the change without putting up council taxes or making anyone redundant, she added.

This has meant some processes, such as planning applications, have moved online to cut costs, and ‘hot-desking’ now meant council staff occupying less space. WLDC generated £90,000 this year through offering trade waste services, and £5,000 through its pest control.

“But rather than try to do things ourselves, we help people to help themselves.”

WLDC has schemes including a £1.5M Community Chest, a Community Assets Fund and a Councillor Initiative Fund to help local community projects, she added.