Winter safety tips

Stay safe out in Lincolnshire’s snow today with these simple tips.

Always wear appropriate footwear. Smooth soles make walking hazardous in icy conditions. Avoid footways that are in the shade, and if possible, delay your journey until the sun has had a chance to melt the icy areas.

Cycleways are not treated so cyclists need to take extra care when using these routes in severe weather conditions.

Only travel when it is essential to do so. If your journey is necessary please remember to keep warm clothing and a shovel in your car.

Make sure your windows and lights are clear of ice and snow.

Don’t assume that salted roads offer the same level of safety as those that are dry. Drive according to the conditions. Leave plenty of time for your journey. Try to avoid using minor roads and keep to the main roads wherever possible.

Reduce speed when driving in ice or snow and do not drive too close to the car in front. Always drive smoothly and keep in the highest possible gear.

Most importantly TAKE YOUR TIME