Wildlife benefiting from fixed penalty notices

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A LINCOLNSHIRE charity has benefited from financial penalties given to businesses by the Environmental Agency.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust has benefited from more than £17,000 worth of donations in the first year since civil sanctions have been available to the Environment Agency.

Under the new civil sanctions regime, the Environment Agency can use non-criminal or civil enforcement, such as compliance notices, restoration notices, enforcement undertakings, fixed monetary penalties, variable monetary penalties and stop notices as alternative enforcement powers.

Charities across the region have benefited from thousands of pounds donated by offenders. A total of £184,626 pounds has been promised to environmental charities and £124,626 has already been paid.

Local, national and international charities have benefited from donations ranging between £1,119 and £60,000.

Paul Learoyd, chief executive of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, said: “We have benefited from two donations to date and are delighted to receive the support.

“As a local charity the money enabled us to do a number of special projects to protect and enhance the environment with benefits both for wildlife and people.

“From installing an otter holt to restoring flower rich meadows the positive effect of the donations is there for all to see - well, in the case of the otter, only if you are very lucky.”