West Lindsey warns on solar farm

An example of a solar development EMN-141011-090732001
An example of a solar development EMN-141011-090732001

A planned 23ha solar farm near Caistor faces a raft of hurdles according to West Lindsey District Council.

Cheshire-based Green Energy UK has contacted the council for a “formal screening opinion” to see if it needs to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment, an opinion it must seek before submitting a planning application.

The developer hopes to construct a 4MW PV solar farm and ancillary works, including monitoring meters and surveillance equipment, at Low Farm, Brigg Road, Fonaby.

The panels would be about 1m off the ground with a maximum height of 2.3m from ground level.

WLDC case officer Rachel Skillen said the project site is within areas close to MoD airfields, as well as Humberside airport, so these bodies would need to be consulted.

“This site is within an area of Great Landscape Value and within an area designated as a landfill site,” she said.

“It is also within an area of responsibility of the Environment Agency and within a bird strike consultation zone.

“Consultation with a civilian airfield operator or the MOD will be necessary if the proposal is likely to attract flocks of birds, e.g large areas of water, refuse tips etc,” she added.

Green Energy was unable to say when it might submit a planning application.