Walkers can see how beauty spot has been improved

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A guided walk at Southrey Wood will give nature lovers the chance to see improvements that have been made to the Bardney beauty spot.

Southrey Wood dates back at least 400 years and is part of the Bardney Limewoods National Nature Reserve.

The Forestry Commission is working hard to create new wildlife habitats in addition to the Butterfly Conservation’s long-term coppicing work.

This traditional form of woodland management - involving cutting back trees to promote new growth - is a sustainable source of timber as well as being beneficial for wildlife.

The tour through the scenic 80 hectare wood will be led by forester Wally Grice.

He said: “We’ve been opening up the forest canopy and have taken out about 1,500 tonnes of timber.

“That’s allowed nourishing light to reach the forest floor. We are already seeing some really encouraging regrowth of lime and hazel which is great news for wildlife like butterflies and birds.”

The trek will take place on Friday, August 17 from 6pm, and includes a barbecue. The cost is £7. Booking is required: email hannah.darcel@forestry.gsi.gov.uk or call 07789 942599.