Tesco clean-up funding contribution questioned

Brigg news EMN-140810-083954001
Brigg news EMN-140810-083954001

Will Tesco make a funding contribution to help clean up Brigg’s litter hot spot on and around Spring’s Parade?

That was the request by a Brigg Town Council member at the authority’s monthly meeting.

Councillors were determined to see a better upkeep of the town and remove litter hot spots in 2015.

Coun Mike Campion reported to colleagues in the chamber on a meeting held with North Lincolnshire Council officers and the local Neighbourhood Services team.

“It was a positive meeting and an officer of the local authority is to be designated to receive public complaints and complaints from ourselves where there are problems,” he said.

“One thing the town council might do, I suggest, is to pay for extra litter pickers.

“Some parts of the town are very difficult to keep free of litter such as the area round Tesco. Spring’s Parade is a problem area and we need to get extra clean ups done there. Some alleyways in the centre of town also have problems keeping litter under control. It has been a bad year,”said Coun Campion.

He formally asked the council consider a new financial input, finding support from town and North Lincolnshire Councillor Rob Waltham.

“I am with Coun Campion on this,” said Coun Waltham.

“There are clearly areas in Brigg that suffer badly due to litter problems. We ask Tesco to clear up near the store and they do a bit, but then it occurs again.

“We need to look at specific areas but I am behind Coun Campion’s proposal.”

Coun Anne Eardly said there were also problems at the bus shelters in nearby Cary Lane.

“Every single night the seats in the shelters have litter underneath them. Old beer bottles and takeaway papers look very bad,” she said.

Council tasked the clerk with providing specific details on where action is most needed and put forward a plan that could be put on the council’s agenda where action could be agreed.

Coun Jenny Bell then spoke proposing direct requests to be made to Tesco: “I want Tesco to input funding on this.

“We can certainly ask!” declared Town Mayor Edward Arnott, from the chair.

A reply from the food giant is awaited.