Show importance of county’s woods

THE Woodland Trust is encouraging everyone in Lincolnshire to show how important trees are to them by taking part in an official Government consultation on ‘well-being’ before it closes on January 23.

When the Government began work on developing measures of national well-being last year, findings from an initial public survey showed access to ‘good quality local green spaces’ ranked high on the list of factors in determining how happy people feel about where they live.

The value of UK woodland in public access benefits alone is estimated to be £447m a year and the value of living with a view of green space is estimated at £300 per person per year.

The Government’s own public health White Paper ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People’ (published last year) recognised the health benefits of trees, highlighting the quality of the environment within which people live as being an important factor in ensuring good physical and mental health.

Woodland Trust campaigner Kaye Brennan said: “Consultation responses will be used to develop the measures of national well-being – we need the public’s help to ensure ‘access to green spaces with trees’ is included as one of the final adopted measures.”

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