Riverside wall given new lease of life

Work has started to improve the appearance of the riverside in Brigg and remove a town centre eyesore.

For many years, the wall opposite the former Spring’s food factory has been in a poor state of repair and there were fears it was in such a bad state of repair it would fall down.

The nearby County Bridge and walkway towards Tesco on the opposite bank is used by thousands of people each week and many visitors have commented upon the unsightly appearance of the wall, which had a collection of weeds, shrubs and even small trees growing out of it.

But now a new wall is being put in place, with work expected to take around a month.

The new wall’s appearance will be in keeping with the conservation area of town in which it falls and the historic County Bridge, Brigg’s best known landmark.

The dilapidated White Hart Jetty, which was another prominent eyesore in the same locality, was taken down in 2012 and there are also plans for further development of the riverside with improved walkways, financed out of section 106 monies from the planning process that granted the redevelopment at Lidl and Tesco supermarkets.