Residents reject plan for 150 new homes

The site of the proposed housing development EMN-150707-074436001
The site of the proposed housing development EMN-150707-074436001

About 60 residents turned out for Market Rasen Town Council’s planning meeting to object to a development that would see 150 new homes built.

Prospect Place Ltd has applied to West Lindsey District Council for permission to build 150 new homes on farmland south of Market Rasen’s Linwood Chase development, just off Linwood Road.

But many residents are opposing the plans and have raised concerns about access, traffic levels, flooding and pressure on services and schools.

Linwood Chase Neighbourhood Watch chairman Doug Sellers, who spoke at the meeting, said: “The infrastructure of Market Rasen cannot cope with another 150-plus new homes with doctors and dentists already at capacity. Market Rasen is not a growth area for jobs, therefore without transport employment is very difficult to find.”

The development is estimated to increase traffic flow by 300 to 400 journeys per day.

Mr Sellers said: “The proposed access via the existing Ridings cul de cac is absolutely ridiculous.

“If residents or visitors park legally outside their property the traffic comes to a halt, especially delivery vehicles, refuse vehicles and emergency vehicles. An average car measuring 2.2 meters takes up nearly 50 per cent of the road, two medium sized vans would have great difficulty passing side by side.

“Large construction vehicles would find it impossible to negotiate.”

Linwood Chase residents are now going to request a meeting with WLDC.

Market Rasen mayor John Matthews said the council would back residents’ views.

He said: “The council’s view is very much the same as the residents’ view. We support the residents’ concerns.”

Coun Matthews said the mains issues were access and flooding.

He said: “The access is totally wrong. And there’s an issue with flooding - additional building is going to possibly exacerbate that.

Coun Matthews also said the volume of cars would be ‘dangerous’.

A statement in Prospect Place Ltd’s planning application said: “Market Rasen is identified as a sustainable settlement that can make a meaningful contribution in respect of the stated intent for growth in Central Lincolnshire and to ensure the five-year housing land supply requirement is met. The social dimension seeks to maintain strong and vibrant communities by providing suitable housing.”

The application acknowledges the development would lead to more cars on the road - but says the area can cope with this.

It stated: “It is concluded that the existing infrastructure has the capacity to accommodate the additional trips and that no mitigation measures are necessary.”

The developer said the proposal was “likely” to have an impact on health and education provision in Market Rasen and that ‘relevant bodies’ had been consulted.