Puddle patrol at Rasen crossing causes concern

Councillor Lakin-Whitworth at the puddle which is a perpetual problem at the market place crossing
Councillor Lakin-Whitworth at the puddle which is a perpetual problem at the market place crossing

Market Rasen town councillors are calling for urgent action to be taken on a perpetual problem with puddles.

The area of concern is at the traffic lights in the Market Place; an area which floods every time it rains.

In a letter to Lincolnshire Highways, Coun Stephen Bunney and Coun Margaret Lakin-Whitworth said the cause of the issue was ‘leaves weeds and general debris’ blocking the drains, preventing rain water from going down.

The letter continued: “Once again the drains and roadsides along the main street of Market Rasen are a disgrace.

“When the water finally makes its way to a drain hole it does not flow away at an acceptable speed, as they are blocked with aforementioned leaves and other rubbish.

“This results in large puddles that are both dangerous and inconvenient to pedestrians. “

The main problem is at the pedestrian crossing in the Market Place.

Here, the puddle that forms frequently reaches almost halfway across the road, causing problems for those wanting to cross the road and for those walking along the pavement, with water splashing up from the road.

Recently, a group of town councillors took matters into their own hands and spent time sweeping the roadside and pavement near the crossing to disperse flood water and remove some of the debris.

Coun Bunney said: “It was noted that as soon as the detritus was removed from the side of the nearby drain hole, the water began to move.

“However, the rate of flow was not great, mainly because the drain is full to a depth of at least 50cm of leaves, rubbish etc.”

Coun Bunney continued: “This is not a new problem as it has been reported by the town council and other residents on numerous occasions over several years.

“In 2017, County Councillor Lewis Strange and the town council were informed the issue would be addressed and that an appropriate grill would be placed along the north side gully of the Market Place to prevent rain water build up.

“Unfortunately, the town is still waiting for this, or an alternative amelioration, scheme to be carried out.”

The letter will be discussed in full at this month’s town council meeting, which takes place tonight (Wednesday) in the committee room of the Festival Hall, starting at 7pm.

In the letter, the councillors have asked for an urgent response to three priorities:

1. A timetable for when the drains will be cleared and when the gullies will be swept.

This timetable to be for the next few years and not just 2018/9.

2. A regular report to MRTC that the drainage and sweeping work has been carried out.

3. A date by which the grills work, or alternative scheme, will be carried out.

MRTC is also contacting West Lindsey to ensure pavements are correctly swept and kept clear of pigeon mess.