Power plant on track for 2016 commissioning

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The straw burning plant being developed at the former Brigg Sugar factory is on schedule for commissioning in early 2016.

Coun Mike Campion updated Brigg Town Councillors at their monthly meeting on progress at the 13-acre site at Scawby Brook near Ancholme Leisure Centre.

He said there was concern among nearby residents at the lorry movements in and out of the power station starting later this year.

“In theory they won’t come through Brigg, but they will go on routes on the approach to the site,” he informed councillors.

Eco2 received planning permission for the plant in October 2011 and in August 2013 BWSC purchased the project as part of a £160m deal.

The plant will use over 240,000 tonnes of wheat straw feedstock annually, sourced from producers within a 50-mile radius. It will also use wood chips as auxiliary fuel.

Combustion technology based on water cooled vibration grate will generate power and the chimney stack will be 62m-high.

The straw for the plant will be delivered on flat bed trailers and unloaded into one of the two straw barns, each capable of holding bales sufficient for 36 hours of operation.

The straw will be burnt to produce high-pressure, high-temperature steam, which will drive the turbine to generate electricity.

The steam will then be condensed back into water and ash produced as a side product due to the combustion will be recycled for fertiliser.

The plant is designed for continuous operation for base load power generation except for one annual shutdown.

The waste to energy biomass power project is being developed by BWSC a joint venture between Burmeister and Wain, Scandinavian contractors and Pension Danmark.