Opposition to wind farm influx mounts

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A COUNCILLOR is “deeply concerned” proposals for giant wind turbines will ruin our countryside – and he is urging everyone who agrees to speak out.

Lincolnshire County Council and West Lindsey District councillor Lewis Strange said he is worried planning applications for huge land-based wind farms will “go through the system” before people realise what is happening.

WLDC has received a growing number of enquires and formal planning applications wind farms – and some, including a 12 turbine wind farm north of Hemswell Cliff, would be 127m above ground level. Usually wind turbines are between 35m to 80m high.

A WLDC spokesman said: “The impact of such proposals has the potential to be quite different to other developments within the district due to the height of the turbines.”

Coun Strange said WLDC does not have a “strong enough voice” against wind turbines so the area is attractive to developers.

He said: “We live in a beautiful area of the countryside – this would be impaired by wind turbines, which cause noise and visual impact. They cost far too much for the good they do and they’re far more effective at sea.

“Residents should put objections into the planning department at WLDC and their MP.”

Market Rasen’s MP Edward Leigh was one of more than 100 MPs who signed a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron calling for residents’ views to be given priority when applications for on-shore wind farms are being considered.

Mr Leigh said: “As a countryside dweller and frequent rambler I am totally opposed to the building of wind farms which are beginning to blight our rural areas.

“Not only are these structures an offence to behold and to hear, they are entirely economically unjustifiable and are made ‘profitable’ only by massive subsidies from central government.”