No flooding now for De Aston Field residents


Drainage work carried out by Market Rasen Town Council seems to have solved flooding problems next to De Aston Field.

Some residents overlooking the field off Willingham Road have complained of flooding problems for years until the remedial work was only carried out last year.

Town Councillor Cathy Turner and a neighbour were among the victims.

“This year, we haven’t had any flooding in our gardens. I haven’t had any problems. I am hoping now I can get rid of my pump,” she said.

Coun Turner, who was co-opted onto the town council long after the work was done, said Lincolnshire County Council said it would cost £20,000 to carry out the work.

But she believed Market Rasen Town Council was able to do it for less than £1,000.

“We are happy with the work, which they did for a lot cheaper,” Coun Turner added.

Mayor John Matthews told the Rasen Mail that it was just over a year since Market Rasen Town Council had bought De Aston Field from Lincolnshire County Council and the town council is “making good progress with it.”

A year ago the houses “suffered horrible flooding” but he had been up there last week and “there was no evidence of any water.”

“Lincolnshire County Council neglected their pleas for years. It was a very cheap and effective fix. 12 months on, they’ve had no problems,” he said.

In addition to solving drainage issues, Market Rasen Town Council has been transforming De Aston Field into an adult-orientated leisure space.

The council has been left with £20,000 of Section 106 money, funded by local developments and the town’s Tesco store.

Last summer, community groups helped with the planting of trees and wild flowers.

Now, the town council has asked Lincolnshire County Council for extra cash for additional plants for a wetland scheme.

“It’s all marked out. We hope to start on it in January,” Mayor Matthews added.

And should this work need any volunteers, a happy Coun Turner said she would be only too happy to help.