Middle Rasen residents calling on council to fix flooding

The  road at the centre of flooding concerns - dubbed 'Water Road' by residents. Phot: Supplied
The road at the centre of flooding concerns - dubbed 'Water Road' by residents. Phot: Supplied

A Middle Rasen woman has called on Lincolnshire County Council to take responsibility for a ‘blocked pipe’ which she says causes flooding on a lane residents refer to as ‘Water Road’.

Helen Taylor, who lives in North Street, contacted the Rasen Mail after spending the last two years ‘going in circles’ with the county council.

Ms Taylor moved to Middle Rasen in 2010 and claims that the flooding is a result of work carried out by the county council.

She says there used to be a dyke which ran in front of the houses in North Street, but that the council ‘got rid of it’.

Ms Taylor said: “The council removed the dyke, filled it in and put a pipe under the road.”

It is the pipe that is now proving a problem for residents, as according to Ms Taylor, as it is blocked.

She said: “The pipe is blocked so the dyke fills up and water then flows onto the road. It is so simple to fix it (the pipe).”

Whenever it rains in Middle Rasen, the water quickly begins to back up and flows down North Street.

The situation has got so bad that residents refer to North Street as ‘Water Road’.

Ms Taylor said: “It is a constant stream. It is absolutely crazy and is wrecking the road surface.”

Ms Taylor claims that the problem would be fixed if the pipe were to be ‘blasted’ to remove debris.

Questioning whose responsibility it is, Ms Taylor pointed to the county council.

She said: “It absolutely has to be the council’s responsibility. I cannot logically see how it is anyone else’s problem.

The Rasen Mail contacted Lincolnshire County Council for a comment.

A local highways manager said: “This ditch was filled in many years ago and we have no record of who carried out the work.

“It is likely to be the responsibility of the adjacent landowner and there are certainly no highway gullies running into it. We are aware that there is standing water on the road at times, but this has never caused any significant issues, so doesn’t require emergency action.

“However, it may be an idea for the landowner to arrange to have the pipe jetted, which could help matters.”