Loss of business from town ‘grot spot’

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A Market Rasen businessman says he is missing out on new customers because of the piles of rubbish being dumped next to his premises.

Jamie Will has been running The Gym in Dear Street Business Park for the past three years and said rubbish has always been an issue.

Jamie Will with the rubbish he says is losing him business EMN-140909-104047001

Jamie Will with the rubbish he says is losing him business EMN-140909-104047001

“When I first opened up, my brother used to help take the rubbish away, but the area just fills up again,” he said.

“The young guys who train here aren’t so bothered, but other people, especially middle-aged women and older people, have been put off joining.

“Some people haven’t even made it through the door because of the rubbish - it just puts people off.”

And it isn’t just the look; the smell is also strong and on one occasion Jamie discovered more than he bargained for.

“One day I moved a bag of rubbish and there was a dead rat underneath it,” he said.

“I went down to the council 
office (WLDC at the Festival Hall) and they said they couldn’t do anything as it was 
private land.

And that seems to be part of the problem.

The rubbish is in a small cut through, leading to Mill Street, between The Gym and the back of the White Hart flats in King Street.

“Because it’s next to my business, people think it is my rubbish but it’s not,” added Jamie.

“I have seen people from the flats throw things out of the window and when I have spoken to them they have picked it up, but when I’m not there they just do it again.

“Out of the 10 flats, there are just a couple of guys who do things like put the bins out for collection, but the rest just don’t care, they do as they please.”

The Rasen Mail contacted 
West Lindsey District Council and a spokesman said they would 

“We cannot physically go and remove the rubbish, but we can look to see who owns the land and speak to them,” they said. “We can also use 
enforcement if required.”