Lindsey leads the way in county recycling league

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WEST Lindsey is leading the way in Lincolnshire when it comes to recycling.

Government figures have revealed the district is the best in the county, with residents recycling 56 per cent of their waste.

And if that was not enough, this figure puts West Lindsey among the top 20 recycling authorities in UK.

West Lindsey District Council leader Burt Keimach said: “I’m really pleased with these figures. For such a small council we’re leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.

“And we’re going to try to improve even more next year, we have some fantastic members of staff who are focused on making improvements. I’m really excited.”

Coun Keimach said the authority would have faced huge fines if it had not met the minimum recycling target set by the Government.

He said: “We’re way ahead of the minimum level, which is great. In these times we need to do everything we can to save the authority and its taxpayers’ money.”

West Lindsey District Council’s recycling team leader Steve Leary is encouraging residents to recycle all their extra waste generated over the festive period.

If people have too much to fit in their recycling container, West Lindsey District Council will take away the recycling overflow if it is placed in an open carrier bag or cardboard box and left next to the blue bin (or clear plastic sack in some areas).

Mr Leary is reminding residents that a whole range of jars from festive cooking can be recycled.

He said: “Just give them a rinse in your leftover washing up water and recycle them with your other glass. Don’t worry about removing labels, they will come off in the recycling process.”

Working with parish councils, West Lindsey District Council has arranged a collection of real Christmas trees on Saturday, January 7. Collections will be held at Waddingham Village Hall car park from 9am to 9.45am and Osgodby at the entrance to the Village Hall, off Mill Lane, from 10.15am to 11am.