Leader’s plea: stop feeding bridge pigeons

A pensioner who slipped on the droppings and hit her head says she is getting fed up with the ongoing problem.

Helen Andrews from Market Rasen walks past the bird mess every day - and wants to know when it will be sorted out.

She said: “Where are health and safety in all this.

“I have to walk past this mess every day.

“A couple of months ago I slipped on the mess and hit my head.

“Luckily it was nothing serious, but if I had broken something, I would have had to contact my solicitor.”

Lincolnshire County Council closed the footpath after it became concerned more people would slip in the pigeon droppings.

It is a route many elderly people in Market Rasen use on a daily basis.

Have you slipped on the pigeon droppings? How has the mess affected you?

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