Investigations begin into river flow and effluent issues

Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews and Councillor David Strachan with the new 'Mill Pond' sign. EMN-140520-092732001
Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews and Councillor David Strachan with the new 'Mill Pond' sign. EMN-140520-092732001

Authorities are teaming up to tackle a rat problem at ‘The Mill Pond’ section of the River Rase in Market Rasen.

Market Rasen Town Council has called upon the Environment Agency to investigate where effluent, coming from a pipe at ‘The Mill Pond,’ in Caistor Road, is coming from.

Environment Agency officers have already used a snake camera to try and follow the course of the pip, but with little success.

Agency officials are also investigating a sluice gate that has been erected to divert the course of the River Rase around the Church Mill Development.

Environment Agency officers and Market Rasen Town Councillors feel that if this illegal sluice gate were removed the current and depth of the River Rase would increase and resolve the rat and effluent problem.

Mayor John Matthews 
said: “Once upon a time the water flowed right up to the wall of the Mill Pond and there was no bank for the rats to feed on.

“This should be a deeper fast flowing part of the river.

“If it was again that in turn would help sort the effluent problem and the rat problem.

The next meeting of Market Rasen Town Council takes place tonight at 7pm at the Festival Hall Committee Room.

There will be a public forum for any questions to council at the beginning of the meeting.

Advice on feeding to cut rodent problem

To help alleviate the rat problem Market Rasen Town Councillors have taken residents suggestions on board and erected a new sign advising what to feed the Mill Pond ducks and what to avoid.

The new board has not cost the town’s taxpayers a thing as local companies have made the project possible.

Coun David Strachan, who has been heavily involved in the project, said: “We do have a bit of a problem with rodents and we can’t just tell kids don’t feed the ducks, generations have fed the ducks here.

“This sign gives them a good deal of information about the wildlife and says, yes, do feed the ducks, but can you feed them the proper stuff.

“We want to stop people feeding the ducks the traditional bits of bread that attract the rodent to The Mill Pond and get them using bird seed, which is widely available in the town.

“Lots of local firms have helped with this.

“It has not actually cost the town a penny.”