Farmers’ plans for new wind turbines

Another two farmers have applied for planning permission to erect wind turbines in the countryside around Market Rasen.

Poplar Farm in Linwood Road, Market Rasen wants to put up a 55m wind turbine and RH Ward Ltd is seeking permission to erect two 35m turbines on its land off Wetmoor Lane in Cold Hanworth.

The applications come shortly after a farmer near Normanby by Spital was forced to withdraw a wind turbine planning application following objections from residents and the MoD.

Global leader in air traffic control, NATS, had already objected to proposals at Cold Hanworth, saying turbines would “conflict” with its safeguarding criteria.

But a statement in the arable farmer’s planning application said: “The installation of these turbines will provide the applicant with an extremely important farm diversification enterprise.

“In line with national, regional and local policy, the generation of renewable energy will contribute to the challenging target for carbon emission reduction.”

“The proposed turbines are small scale and the masts are slim in form and coloured to blend in well with the rural location and are sited at some considerable distance from residential dwellings.”

The application said the turbines would not “unduly” interfere with “visual amenities” enjoyed by neighbouring properties and those visiting the area.

There have not yet been any objections to Poplar Farm’s application.

But a statement in its planning application said: “Some people will like the structure, others will not, but the only impact will be visual.”

The application said the farm needed a lot of power for crop drying and refrigeration and the wind turbine would reduce reliance on purchased energy and make the farm more self-sufficient.

The application stated: “The turbine will be seen, but it is only harking back to Lincolnshire’s past when many villages had a windmill and the sight of the structure is likely to become familiar.”

It went on to say: “In economic terms the presence of the structure may lead others to consider renewable energy as well, so it could have a positive impact in this way.”

It said the nearest house was more than 600m away and there would be “no possibility” of noise disturbance.

The applications will be determined by West Lindsey District Council after the public consultation now under way.