Company’s plans for wind turbines at former air base

A planning application has been submitted for two wind turbines at the former RAF base in Brookenby.

The applicant, Caledonia Wind Power Ltd, wants to put two 25m turbines on an unused part of the old RAF base.

The turbines will generate enough power for at least 646 houses and will be located “as far from other houses as possible”.

A statement in the applicant’s planning application said: “These turbines are relatively quiet and noise levels experienced at nearby residences will be below 35dB, the background noise effectively masking that produced by the turbines.

“The nearest house is 400m from the turbines which is at the end of Cambridge Crescent.”

It went on to say that the site had been carefully selected to ensure the turbines did not show on the skyline from most view points.

The applicant has already contacted Natural England about the proposal and it said: “This applicaton falls within Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

“Natural England has no comments to make on this proposal as we do not believe that this development is likely to impact on the purposes of designation of Lincolnshire Wolds AONB.”

The planning statement said there was some minor risk of TV interference, but the developer would meet the cost of an alternative service should any home be affected.

It said shadow flicker would only be a problem in certain circumstances. For example when the sun is shining, when there is some wind, when someone is inside a building with the sunlight shining through a narrow window.