Brigg makes plans for the winter

EMERGENCY plans to deal with bad weather in Brigg were outlined by councillor Ben Nobbs at a meeting in the Angel Suite.

He said much of the improved planning stemmed from the June floods of 2007.

“That event came as a shock locally and the outcome was a template for an emergency plan. I became flood warden and we have gone some way to producing an emergency plan,” said Coun Nobbs.

The snow of 12 months ago was dealt with through the template already in place.

Coun Nobbs told the meeting there was still more to be done, however.

He said: “We are looking for volunteers to be the local eyes and ears and feed information to the Brigg Emergency Centre.

“Brigg has been divided into eight sections and volunteers would operate in each.

“North Lincolnshire Council is well prepared now for emergencies and in such a situation a senior officer is on duty all the time. They have resources to solve any problem but the volunteer role in the town is to be part of the system that feeds information through.

“Twelve months ago there were people in the town who were housebound for a week. We need to be aware of them in crisis situations and be able to help.”

Brigg now has a snow warden in Coun Rob Waltham as well as a flood warden.

Volunteers are urged to come forward by leaving their details at the town clerk’s office in the Angel Suite.